Total Quality Management

quality control management

Consistent High Quality Products and Services

Our focus on product quality management is integrated throughout every aspect of our business. From initial proposals to product shipments, our activities are process driven with an electrical products quality management framework that allows for planning, execution, review, and continual improvement.

At Mars International, we achieve product realizations through systematic approaches in all aspects of our operations, with the goal of meeting and exceeding customer requirements. With the alignment of intercompany processes and objectives, our daily activities are focused on consistent, predictable results and improvement initiatives in our quality management in manufacturing. 

Quality Control Management and Assurance Leading to Constant Improvement

The main components of our quality control management in manufacturing are quality control, assurance, and improvement, ensuring that products and services are effective, efficient, and meet or exceed customer expectations. Our office in Hong Kong is an important extension of our domestic quality management team, as they provide the primary communication link with our manufacturing partners and are responsible for continual quality auditing and production oversight.

By earning and maintaining ISO 9001:2015 registration, Mars International affirms its commitment to a Total Quality Management system dedicated to delivering consistently high quality in manufacturing and service. 

Please click our Quality Policy to review our declaration of commitment, and see our total quality management examples. Learn more about us if you're not familiar with our company, and feel free to contact us

There are several principles of quality management and benefits to total quality management. Its application streamlines the work system. Its principles are based on improving efficiency and productivity in the development process and in product development. The major benefits include increasing a company’s bottom line by:

  • Eliminating repetitive work

  • Reducing waste costs

  • Reducing repairs

  • Reducing customer support costs

The Importance of Total Quality Management

One of the major long-term benefits of total quality management is improved customer satisfaction. Its principles are designed to improve quality and surpass customer expectations. Greater customer satisfaction is achieved by a reduction in waiting time, changes in product delivery and better quality end products.

With a focus on improving product development and the development process, total quality management tools focus on making quality a concern for everyone and just not the quality control department. Total quality management creates a proactive work environment by creating cross-departmental teams that share information with employees. This knowledge sharing broadens the knowledge of all employees.

Total quality management also relates to human resources. Ownership is put on each employee involved in the development process and employees are empowered to fix mistakes without supervisory action. In addition, with this focus, employees can be trained for improvement.

Please click our Quality Policy to review our declaration of commitment, and see our total quality management examples. Learn more about us if you're not familiar with our company, and Feel free to contact us