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Product Development and Product Prototyping Services

Combining the expertise at Mars International in electronics, plastics, and metals to create final products is the very essence of our value proposition. We are experts in industrial product design and development know how to design a product for manufacturing. We specialize in product design and development with an ability to design circuits, layout boards, write software, design mechanical components and housings, and create the tooling required for manufacturing all under one roof.

Our manufacturing and product design proficiency in taking products from initial concept, through design, analysis and validation, to final product specification, and into volume manufacturing provides an outstanding framework for your product success. Close collaboration with our customers and the tightly-coupled link to our manufacturing and test facilities provide for best-in-class solutions that meet your time-to-market, quality, and budgetary requirements.

Our Design for Manufacturability strategy establishes a methodology for concurrent product and manufacturing design, resulting in compressed development cycles and ensuring efficient, predictable and reliable products. 

More information on our product design and manufacturing engineering services can be found under Engineering Services or from the following links:

Providing both pre- and post-production support, our engineering team is the essential complement to our core product design engineering services. See what we're capable of in our case studies.  

It’s not uncommon for companies to need a better product strategy in order to gain market share. It’s important to note that prototyping services are one of the most critical stages in product development. It provides an innovation of your product along with a visual and tactile representation of the product. Keep in mind that if a company is seeking venture capital from investors, most will not be interested in investing in a product that does not have a prototype.

Concept of Model and Building the Model

Both companies and entrepreneurs need a proof of concept of a model to attract investors and customers. Typically, this is a hybrid of the product and may not include all of its features. A prototype design may look like a basic creation showing all the nuts and bolts. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t often look like the final product. The purpose of prototype design is to demonstrate functionality. It can be a costly mistake to skip doing a prototype design. It reveals miscalculations or errors before the manufacturing process starts, and allows time to perform modifications.

Building a model is kind of a draft that will simulate the products overall look and size. With a model, the marketing, engineering, quality, sales, design and customer service teams can start to plan the product concept. For example, the marketing department can start to develop graphics and packaging, as it will have a good idea of the final product. A model is also a good opportunity to evaluate the product’s aesthetic design before moving it into the manufacturing process.

All around, the application of total quality management tools enhances the end product and revenue.

Mars International is a product design and development company with a keen focus on product design, product development and product prototyping services. Its goal is to provide high-quality services in the supply chain management infrastructure and to bring products to the marketplace efficiently and quickly. Mars International has over 10 locations in North America and Asia. Customers have the benefit of working with a US-based company along with saving on costs of overseas manufacturing. For the best in product development, total quality management, and product prototype services, turn to the experienced and knowledgeable experts at Mars International.