Fitness and Recreation

The fitness and recreation industry encompasses the sports enthusiast, the outdoor adventurer, the fitness buff, and the nature lover. Products are designed to promote physical and mental health benefits, stress reduction, and improved individual well-being. From cycling and swimming, to weight training, racquet sports, rowing machines, or treadmills, new product opportunities are emerging to meet today’s personal fitness and recreation needs.

Fitness Equipment Controllers

iStock000011068975XSmallMars International has had tremendous success supplying fitness equipment controllers for fitness and wellness. We design and manufacture control panels and remote controls for products such as steam baths, personal swim spas, rowing machines, and outdoor pools and spas. We also produce various hand-held water test kits, other plastic-enclosed electronic units, and various metal components for equipment in this industry. Our manufacturing capabilities and the product needs for fitness and recreation products mesh nicely, and we anticipate increased activity in this market.

Whether you’re looking to develop new products and equipment for the fitness and recreation industry, or need more technically advanced control mechanisms for existing products, let us assist in the specification, design, customization and product realization of the fitness equipment controllers for your next generation of products.

See the photo gallery for our product examples in the Fitness and Recreation market.