Security Automation

Security and Asset Protection

iStock 505898754 home securityTo protect homes and businesses from theft and vandalism, security systems have become more sophisticated. In today’s market these systems include multiple controls and sensors and well as video systems. In commercial and industrial applications keypads are very prevalent, and they are now being adopted in residential settings.

By integrating video with access control and online monitoring, the security systems of today offer the best defense against intruders.

At Mars International, we have been on the forefront of the wireless control industry. Our expertise in RF transmitters and receiver systems coupled with our ability to work with a variety of coding sequences, gives us the background needed to help develop a customized solution.

Facility Security

A facility’s security should be able to monitor the interior and exterior of a property, without disturbing or impeding the workflow of the operation.  

This requires careful and intelligent placement of keypads, sensors and video surveillance equipment. All the inputs from the various sensors must be managed, prioritized, and dealt with on a real-time basis.