Building Automation Systems Product Design

Design To Final Product

Our experience in electronic design, embedded controllers, software development, powerline and wireless RF network protocols, and IR sensor technology, coupled with our ability to design and style plastic and metal components, casings and housings, and then to manufacture and assemble them into electro-mechanical sub-assemblies and into final home building automation products, is the very essence of our business. These essential capabilities provide a unique product development platform for solutions in the home and building automation market. We specialize in HVAC automation systems, home automation, security automation, and lighting automation.

The desire to maximize energy efficiency, improve environmental conditions, integrate smart grid applications, and meet environmental standards has led to the emergence of new products for monitoring, controlling, and sharing information in the networked home and building.

Complete Product Solutions

Home and building automation products and systems and products may be single-focused or may integrate and coordinate several functions such as security, safety, entertainment, comfort, energy management, communication, and appliance control. These products are capable of processing and exchanging information, and are flexible and adaptable designs which support sophisticated sensors and controls for various applications including lighting and energy management, garage door openers, HVACR systems, security, and appliances.

From intelligent lighting controls to safety sensing and monitoring devices, to central digital building controllers, Mars International has experience with the technologies, platforms and protocols required to design and build complete product solutions.

See the photo gallery for our product examples in the Building Automation Systems manufacturers market, and call to speak to one of our experts today about our building automation system design.