Wireless Control Technology

We live in a wireless world! Wireless control and communication products dominate applications for sophisticated methods for monitoring, controlling, and sharing information. Wireless technology is found in electronic home and building controls, security systems, intelligent lighting and energy controls, entertainment systems, medical devices, garage door openers, HVACR systems, and elevator and escalator controls. In addition, migration to IP-based systems and technological advances are facilitating the demand for remote access control, remote monitoring, and energy management products.

iStock000016287343XSmall2Using our special expertise developing RF transmitter and receiver systems, our vast experience with embedded controllers, and our proficiency in the optimization of customized control firmware, we have designed, manufactured, and delivered millions of transmitters and receivers for the field today. With our unique ability to design the electronics, layout the board for best radiation performance, write efficient microcontroller software, and design and style ergonomically pleasing custom housings and buttons, coupled with the facilities to manufacture and assemble final products, we provide a powerful value proposition for delivering products in the wireless control industry.

Low Cost Wireless Design

We design primarily for the 250 MHz to 450 MHz frequency range, and are expert in maximizing performance within FCC limitations, working with a variety of coding sequences, including rolling code and encrypted formats, and keeping costs low. We employ a variety of design techniques depending upon the cost and performance targets of the product, including LC and SAW transmitters, and superregen and chipset-based receivers. Our in-house FCC pre-qualification capabilities, plus full coordination of the registration process, assist you in bringing your wireless products to market quickly and efficiently.

Mars International has the expertise in to bring the wireless world to your fingertips and to quickly and cost-effectively bring forth your next wireless control product!

See the photo gallery for our product examples in the Wireless Control market.