Garage Doors and Gates

In 1993 Underwriters Laboratory released UL 325, a new safety regulation for Garage Door Openers. It mandated a non-contact safety system for all openers, an innovation that has saved many lives.

And Mars International was the first company to offer a UL 325 compliant IR safety device that could be installed on most existing openers out in the field. It has been in continuous production since then, with millions of installations and an unsurpassed reliability and safety record. Our 'Little Yellow Beam' is legendary in the industry.

Over the years, we have extended our line of infrared sensors into a variety of applications, including gate access, marine, automotive, consumer, and industrial-commercial. And with our customers operating in extremely cost-conscious industries, our design teams labor to squeeze out every cent of value.

Let us create a customized sensor suite for your most demanding applications. We'd be happy to create the right gate sensor, garage door sensor, or whatever type of access technology sensor you need. Wireless capability is available for our access technology products. Call us today and speak with one of our experts. 

Most people think about having a security system for their front door on their home, as it’s the main point of entry. Yet, 9 percent of intruders enter through the garage door. Now, that may sound like a low percentage you until it actually happens to you. A lot of burglars are desperate today and will consider different ways to gain entry. Even if you always lock your garage door, if you’re in a rush, you just might forget to do it. To keep these intruders at bay, it’s important to have a garage door security system. Think of it as double protection for your home and family. Today, you just can’t have enough home security.

Garage doors are a common weak point and an easy target for thieves. And securing your garage door isn’t just about having a roll-up door. You need to take a good look at every entry point. Today’s modern automatic garage door openers feature rolling-code technology. Its remote will transmit a new security code each time it’s pressed. Code grabbers have less of a chance of working. So, it’s important that your garage opener is engineered with rolling-code technology. Here are some other garage security tips to keep your home safe.

  1. Don’t leave the garage door remote in your car. If your car is broken into, a potential burglar has easy access to your garage and home.

  2. Invest in a keychain remote garage opener. This way, you can leave it on your keys.

  3. Make sure you secure the garage door emergency release.

  4. Always keep the garage door locked and any gates locked. Have a sturdy door that leads from the garage into the home. Consider a kick-in free door that’s made of wood or steel.

  5. Don’t ever leave your garage door or any gates open; it’s just an open invitation to a thief.

  6. Install a peephole in the door between your garage and home. This way, you can see what’s going on if you hear an unusual noise.

  7. Cover or frost your garage windows. This way, no one can see when your car is gone. Plus, you don’t want any potential thief seeing what goods you have in your garage.

  8. If you’re going away, padlock the throw latch on the garage door. Burglars look for homes that are unoccupied.

  9. Don’t overlook the maintenance of any of the mechanical parts of your roll-up garage door. Check the hinges, locks and frame. Be aware of any corrosion.

  10. Install a garage security camera. Research has shown that garage security cameras help deter break-in attempts. As a matter of fact, 85 percent of law enforcement officials believe that this type of home monitoring system helps keep burglars out. Keep in mind that if a burglar breaks into your garage, the rest of your home is at risk.

  11. Be sure to lock any garage windows. Even put up a sticker that the garage is protected by video surveillance.

  12. Thieves prefer to lurk around in the dark or poorly lit areas. Install motion-sensing lights to keep them at bay.

If you’re seeking to ramp up your garage door security, turn to the experts at Mars International. They were integral in establishing the UL 325 IR safety requirements for automatic garage openers. Mars International’s “Little Yellow Beam” is now legendary. They can even custom create a garage door sensor for you. Contact Mars International today for a competitive garage door sensor cost. In addition, they have completed thousands of installations and have an unsurpassed reputation for excellence in the industry. Hands-down, Mars International offers the best garage security and best security gates.