Selecting the right contract manufacturer for your company is a daunting process. Making the wrong choice can create production delays, cost tens of thousands of dollars, and may cause you to have to switch contractors, which is a costly and time-consuming process. The right contract manufacturer will deliver a long-lasting partnership allowing your business to grow, meet demand, and………READ MORE
How are over-the-air (OTA) programming updates handled for IoT devices? The updates have to be secure, up-to-date and downloaded in an efficient and timely manner. Mars International uses the cloud-based Ciqada platform to ensure safe, timely updates on all IoT-based devices. Ciqada is Mars’ fully integrated internet of things solution. Ciqada provides device management abilities, end-to-end security, cloud management, and technical product support……….READ MORE
The decision of where to manufacture is extremely complex, with the consideration of U.S. tariffs on goods produced in China and the Covid-19 pandemic this year, companies have increasingly evaluated their supply chains to minimize risk. In this deliberation, many have shifted their production from China to lower-cost locations, such as Thailand, India, and the Philippines, for electronics manufacturing……….READ MORE
Embedded design has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years. Given the creation and widespread use of the IoT, and other related technologies, many industries are beginning to use an embedded design system due to its functionality and convenience. We are now in an age in which more organizations are realizing the usefulness of embedded design than………READ MORE
Mars International specializes in manufacturing partnerships, focusing on time-to-market, reduced cost, and high-quality production and design of products. Founded in 1964 as an electrical components supplier, Mars grew and evolved, pioneering global offshore manufacturing and a dynamic ability to design products ready for mass production. The company’s approach to mass-produced products has made it a perfect fit for the healthcare………READ MORE
In product development, you want to do everything in your power to ensure success. You can give yourself an advantage by writing a comprehensive product specification (spec). This document serves as the heart of your product and provides invaluable information to your development and manufacturing team. However, many times people fail to adequately prepare this document, with frustrating consequences……….READ MORE
An ideal product specification (spec) requires careful deliberation and can determine your product’s success. A spec is the heart of your project where all necessary information for your team accumulates. It’s easy to think you can address a problem later, but the better prepared you are initially, the smoother the process from inception to manufacturing will be. Here are………READ MORE
The proper use of plastic in engineering is an important part of providing a quality product that meets consumer and company standards. These plastics must hold up to legal requirements, stand the test of time and work effectively in their location. A company that makes good use of plastics in their engineering decisions will stand out from its competitors………READ MORE
Gates and garage doors are designed to be safe and secure. One of the components that helps them remain that way is safety beams, which are a vital part of the structure. But a beam is much more than just a piece of wood or metal when it is used in this way. There are also mechanical aspects to………READ MORE

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