10/13/21 1:54 pm

Here at Mars International, we are huge proponents of sustainability and green living. As such, we do our very best to stay in the know when it comes to matters affecting the earth and environment. One way we go about this is by providing clients with advice and green-friendly options as it pertains to manufacturing and collaborating with other companies and organizations.

09/24/21 4:33 pm

Mars International can help keep property and people safe, we can equip your homes and businesses with more sophisticated access technology. These innovations include infrared activated locks and openers and motion detection systems.

Access technology is more popular than ever before and is designed to keep you and your property safe, with motion detection systems as well as openers and locks. Access technology can coordinate and integrate around several focal areas, including comfort, communication, energy management, entertainment, and safety.

07/28/21 3:36 pm

It’s no secret, recent events have made the world hyper-aware of the concept of the supply chain. While this was previously a term usually only uttered by those who were involved in specific sectors and positions, these days, pretty much everyone knows that the supply chain is not just important to individual stores or franchises. Supply chain management has far-reaching side effects that can affect a wide array of lives.

07/14/21 3:22 pm

Here at Mars International, our electrical engineering team provides a significant advantage in producing efficient, predictable, and reliable designs. When it comes to products these days, they have a host of different moving parts that all need to come together to function as a single, cohesive unit. We’re talking about the system architecture, the PCB layouts, the circuits, the embedded controller software, and more.